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FREE Shipping on orders over $25
3 Rolls (Box Of 30 Packages)
3 Rolls (Box Of 30 Packages)
3 Rolls (Box Of 30 Packages)

3 Rolls (Box Of 30 Packages)

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Product Features 

Super Slow Burning - Real Cordia Leaf Free of: Tobacco, Glue, Flavors, & Additives. 

Corn Husk Filter - The natural corn-husk filter is the best filter on the market. Specifically designed to ensure loose herbs and oils stay in the roll and out of your mouth. 

Size Guide 

How To Use

Just Fill It – Tightly compress your choice of herbs, but without using extreme force. Use a semi-chunky grind for maximum flavor. Our leaf wraps have a very mild earthy taste and do not alter the flavors of the herbs you are using.

Pro Tip - You can also bite or squeeze the tip for a tighter draw, which will result in a cooler smoke

Guaranteed Freshness minimum of 1 Year. 

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